IMEC 2017: Celebrating Dimensions of Womanhood in Islam


“Is it true that women are oppressed in Islam?”. “Were you forced into covering yourself by your husband?” Those are some of the frequently asked questions posed to Muslim women especially to those who live in minority Muslim countries.

The fallacy that women are somehow oppressed in Islam is a common misconception. It may be attributed to an absence of exposure towards true classical Islamic culture via a living example or having their only exposure through the negative depiction of Islam via the Western media.

These days, I see  lots of Muslim women, mostly youths, actively participating in campaigns and movements to resolve this issue. However, the true understanding of the rights of Muslim women as discussed by Muslim scholars via interpretation of the Islamic texts may still be elusive to some of them.  Interpretation of rights merely based on one’s own judgement and experience may worsen these misconceptions.

In 2015, Wanita ISMA had successfully organised the first IMEC. When it was decided to hold the second international conference, I was more than delighted to grab the opportunity to get involved actively this time around. I was determined to help to straighten out the misconceptions of Islam, Muslim women, and their rights at least among the participants if not the world.

Therefore, I cordially invite all Muslim brothers and sisters to join us in this event. May this initiative will benefit our Ummah.


Pn. Norhidayah Ismail

Director of IMEC 2017

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