Is LGBT a threat to a nation?


REGARDLESS of what kind of ideology a nation holds to; whether it is liberalism, communism, anarchism, conservatism, socialism or anything else, LGBT is a threat to all of them.

Yes. And this includes the so-called ‘heaven’ of LGBT, the United States that practices liberal democracy. Without a doubt, the ideology of accepting and recognizing the act of homosexual actually contradicts to the fundamental principle of this country.

We often think that the idea of recognizing the rights to be LGBT is well supported with the First Amendment of the U.S – the freedom of speech and the freedom to practice whatever you believe in, yet not so many of us realize that the current movement of LGBT is actually jeopardizing it.

By believing that the minority group has the right to get their ‘rights’; legal marriage, the majority group has to tolerate and give in their right to reject homosexuality and become the victim of the social changes pushed by the LGBT group, thus hijacking the democracy system in that country.

LGBT’s ‘modus operandi’

The LGBT group often uses the tactic of “jamming” homo-hatred (disagreement to homosexuality) to the society that they live in. They tend to play the victim role and avoid from being the aggressive challengers to the status quo in a country. This tactic will successfully make the majority group that resist the ideology of LGBT seems to be the evil prosecutor, thus provoking the society to play the role of protector to the group.

In fact, this strategy is being used all this while in the U.S by the LGBT groups that push the Homosexual Agenda in the American society that mainly consists of Christian Protestant.

And unfortunately, the same modus operandi is being used by the LGBT group in Malaysia as well.


The changes that they made

Typically, people assume that the LGBT movement only revolves within a small community and will not be able to threat a nation.

However, this is not the case. Indeed the LGBT has pushed institutional changes not only to the social structure of the society, but it also affect education system and also political structure of a nation. The U.S has proved this:

  1. LGBT imposes their ideology through children education

A few books that promote homosexuality have been published and publicized to the public. This idea is to assimilate the culture of accepting and recognizing homosexual in the society through children story books. Some of the examples of the books are Heather has Two Mummies that shows lesbians that have children through artificial insemination, Gloria Goes to Gay Pride that promotes the choice to be gay and lesbian and Daddy, Papa and Me that portrays gay family. Now they have pushed for more LGBT rights in academic institutions; college and public school. For example, they promote teachers to teach tolerance towards homosexuality in schools and support the Homosexual Agenda.

  1. Influence in the academic world

It is really interesting when one American professor, Jerry Z. Muller mentioned in one of his articles, First Things that homosexuals has gained an acceptable legitimacy in the academic realm.

“Their (LGBT) strategy has been remarkably successful. With a rapidity largely attributable in large part to a total lack of articulate resistance, homosexual ideology has gained an unquestioned and uncontested legitimacy in American academic life. Within the academy, as within nonacademic elite culture, the definition of opposite to homosexuality as “homophobia – a definition which implies that it is impossible to give good reasons for the cultural disapproval of homosexuality – is the best evidence of the success of this strategy.”

  1. Changes in legal system

Again, the LGBT has achieved their landmark when the U.S legalized same sex marriage last year, thus proving that the movement can move beyond individual parameter.

We might think that this decision to legalize same sex marriage was based on the opinions of the majority of Americans, when in fact it was influenced by LGBT lobbyist as we know the LGBT community has a vast networking with celebrities and influential people in the U.S.

Therefore, based on my arguments it is clearly shows that LGBT is a threat to a nation, despite the ideology that the country holds to as they bring to radical changes and threaten the stability of institutions in the society. Thus, I request the readers to resist any of the promotions, provocations, and persuasions of the ideology to accept and recognize LGBT in our country as they are threat to all nations.



Nur Hanis Mohamad Noor

General Secretary of ISMA US Canada

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