Liberalism is Western invention

Liberalism is an invention of the West; created during the chaos and conflict between the church and science at the end of Europe’s Dark Ages. The Catholic Church’s extremism in acting as “God’s representative” together with the monarch gave birth to another extreme reaction in the form of liberal secular ideology.

Liberalism is an ideology which puts the freedom of an individual above all else, on top of religious obligations and limits the power of state. Religion to liberalism is just a matter of personal preference and each individual is free to interpret their own religion to whatever they see fit.

Therefore, in the perspective of this deviant ideology, the state cannot be allowed to enforce any ‘religious’ law onto the people.

If we were to adopt liberalism as our guiding principle, there will be no more laws that can be used to control the Muslim ummah from the crime of insulting their own religion, consuming alcohol, adultery, cohabiting, to be involved in deviant sects in the name of Islam and other acts that is considered a crime in our religion Islam.

Just imagine, your 18 year old teenagers can freely bring home strangers into their rooms. Free here means the acts are done in open without anybody able to prevent them from doing so lest it will be said you are infringing upon their individual freedom.

(In the west, adultery are filmed and became a hot selling item. It’s all because of the supremacy of individual freedom as enjoined by liberalism that they are upholding.)

If the parents do anything to prevent it, they will be charged with obstruction of personal freedom which is the root of liberalism. The only thing that the parents can do is to evict their own children from their own house. In the end, family institutions are destroyed as what has already happened in the west for a long time.

Any individuals or NGO, what more political parties who are trying to fight for liberalism and want it to be the principal standard uphold by the Muslim societies here in Malaysia must be vehemently opposed. This is not about politics. This is a religious issue. This is about identity and self-worth of an individual muslim, family, society and nation.

The Jews had successfully destroyed religion in the western society, don’t let them do the same to the Muslim society especially in this beloved country.

Ustaz Hj Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman
Isma Information Chief

(Translated by Muadz AH)

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